In creating a comprehensive and inclusive design solution for your sports facility we can include the full necessary support infrastructure which may include buildings or structures of various types: Modular Grandstands, Bleacher Seating, Covered Walkways, Pavilions, Club Rooms, Storage.

As well as taking advantage of our one-stop service which minimises management complexity and maximises communication, making our brief fully inclusive delivers both management and supply cost efficiencies.

For instance, whilst we have our groundworks and construction machinery on site to prepare a sport pitch footprint and sub-base, it makes complete economic sense to utilise the same to prepare foundations for say new changing facilities.

And it certainly helps to achieve a smooth and integrated programme of works if there is just one specialist control point.

Our Pre-Construction Team are skilled in developing and realising extended infrastructure projects whether for single sports pitches or multi-pitch sports and leisure complexes.

Sports facility pavilion design and construction

South Bromsgrove High

Modular grandstand seating

Leatherhead Youth Football Club

sports facility storage

Leatherhead Youth Football Club

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