Artificial Pitch Repair

Delivering expert maintenance for 30 years, S&C Slatter currently work with clients across 600 sites nationwide to ensure their synthetic surfaces deliver optimum performance, safety and longevity.

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Synthetic sports surface repair

A particular benefit of regular maintenance is that potential issues with a pitch or court can be quickly identified and prevented, avoiding any long-lasting damage.

However, over the lifespan of any synthetic pitch or playing court, general wear and tear can take its toll, causing damage to the surface and supporting elements of the pitch, potentially rendering them dangerous and unusable.


Remedial works such as infill replacement or top-up, deep cleaning, seam repair and line-remarking can help to restore a quality playing surface and delay the need for a full refurbishment.

If you’re unsure if your playing surface can be salvaged and might need to be replaced, get in touch for a free site consultation. View our case studies here.

Eliminator for infill management

Artificial Pitch Repair – Remedial works

There are a number of repairs we can carry out to ensure your sports pitch, court or track is performing to optimum standards.


  • Rubber/sand infill top up for 2G, 3G, Gen2, sand-dressed and sand-filled pitches

    Infill utilised on sports pitches not only protects the artificial fibres but is crucial for the performance and safety of the pitch. Over time, infill migration can lead to an overall drop in the level of infill across the pitch, which can’t be rectified by brushing alone.

    If the level of infill, whether rubber, organic granulate or sand, drops below its optimum level it’s important to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will identify and source the correct grade and volume of infill material, which will be machine applied to the pitch to ensure consistency across the field.


  • Infill replacement for 2G, 3G, Gen 2, sand-dressed and sand-filled pitches

    Failure to provide regular or thorough maintenance for your artificial turf pitch may lead to a contamination of the infill itself.

    Infill contamination if often identified when the artificial turf system becomes noticeably hardened underfoot, and drainage efficiency is reduced. You may find silt deposits appearing on the surface of the pitch or develop an infestation of moss or algae.

    When infill is compromised to such a level, infill replacement is advisable. This involves the removal of the majority of infill on the pitch, and replacement with new granular material. The removal process is mechanical, with a specialised machine reaching deep into the pile structure, lifting both the infill and the decontaminants, leaving the artificial fibres raised and refreshed, ready to receive the new infill.

Eliminator for infill management on artificial turf pitch
  • Line re-marking for artificial pitches, tennis courts and netball courts

    Over time, dependent on usage levels and weather patterns, line-markings on a synthetic pitch or sports court will become faded and will need to be ‘re-marked’. It may be that you also wish to add additional sports to your synthetic surface or court.

    Accurate and clear marking with strong colour density is crucial for the proper usage of any sports pitch or court, and our technicians are skilled in remarking and laying down new lines for sport.


  • Seam repair

    Over time, seams in a synthetic carpet can loosen and tear, causing a potential trip hazard on an artificial turf pitch. We can safely repair seams and identify any underlying issues that cause seam defects.


  • Replacement fencing and netting

    Should your perimeter fencing or cricket netting be damaged, we can carry out repairs or design, supply and install new systems where necessary, including:

    • Roll Form Weldmesh
    • Rigid Panel Weldmesh
    • Chainlink
    • Spectator
    • Acoustic
    • Ball Stop Netting
    • Kickboards
Line painting for sports court
Line painting sports surface

Deep clean for artificial pitches

Following a period of neglect or particularly poor weather, a deep clean may be advisable to restore your artificial pitch to a safe and high performing playing surface.

Many clients benefit from an annual or a bi-annual deep clean, to remove contaminants that may have built up within the structure of the artificial turf system.


During a deep clean process, our experienced technicians deploy a specific and controlled mechanical process, including brushing, suction and filtering. This removes any build up and re-grades the infill before returning it back into the artificial turf. As part of the process we’ll also carry out seam repairs, preventative maintenance and top up infill where necessary.

The result is a refreshed surface that will perform better and last longer, and may extend the lifespan of the pitch beyond the expected term.

Find out more on our dedicated Deep Clean page.

How much does it cost to repair a 3G/4G, water-based, sand-dressed or sand-filled artificial pitch?

The cost of repairing an artificial turf pitch or polymeric/macadam sports court will depend entirely on the scope of works required. For example, ad-hoc repairs to the seams on a pitch will be less costly than replacing the fencing system.

A deep clean is usually in the region of £3,500 and can extend the lifespan of a pitch beyond its expected timeframe, allowing clients the time to fundraise or allocate funds for an inevitable resurface.

Our expert team will advise if a pitch or court is beyond reasonable repair, and when a resurface is likely to be required. Get in touch to organise a site visit.

Fencing system artificial turf pitch


Maintained with Integrity

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