The ability to use a sports facility for the maximum period each day is often so fundamental to its commercial and social practicality, that any shortfall in availability, can be critical to its future viability and sustainability.

Floodlighting is often at the very core of this issue, and given its technical complexity, it demands specialist technical input and guidance in design, installation and maintenance.

Our Project Managers lead an expert team who can advise you throughout the process of commissioning floodlighting for your sports or infrastructure project. This includes putting the benefits and disadvantages of Metal Halide versus LED systems in the context of project and business plans.

floodlighting design and guidance

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Developing a project brief

  • Establish need for floodlighting
  • Required standards for level of competition
  • Planned usage profile
  • Identify planning challenges


  • Location survey
  • Engage with planning authority
  • Local consultations
  • Identify design/specification options
  • Budget costs


  • Develop preferred design and specification
  • Confirm costs
  • Submit planning application


  • Works programme
  • Foundations
  • Ducting
  • Masts and floodlights
  • Control box


  • Testing
  • Certification


  • Bi-annual electrical and illumination certification
  • Annual maintenance
floodlighting of sports facilities

Redhill Academy

floodlighting experts

Benenden School


If your new build or refurbishment sports construction project is funded or part-funded by a grant, you may be able to include ancillary works such as floodlighting.

Find out more from your grant provider if applicable, or you may wish to consider our financing options.


If you’re constructing a new sports facility or refurbishing with the assistance of finance, you may be able to include ancillary works such as fencing.

Learn about sports facility finance options and what can be included on our funding and finance page.

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