Working with S&C Slatter: The client experience

9th Mar 2020

Choosing to undertake a sports construction project is no easy feat. As with any capital project, you’ll have deadlines, goals and a requirement that your project will last. To ensure a smooth process from planning to delivery, making the right choice of contractor is crucial.

Once the tender process is complete and the contracts are signed, you’ll be working with your contractor for a number of months, trusting that they’ll deliver what they promised, working collaboratively on-site, solving problems and delivering the standard you expect.

Case Study: The University of Warwick

The Sport and Estates teams at the University of Warwick understand the challenges of sports construction. They have worked with multiple contractors to transform the university’s facilities through a £50m investment in sport. In 2017, as part of the transformation project and after a competitive tender process, the Warwick team selected S&C Slatter to construct their first water based hockey pitch.

Three years on we met with the members of the Warwick team responsible for planning and managing the construction process to find out exactly what it was like to work with S&C Slatter and see how the project has impacted life at Warwick.

Business Case: Rationale for the new hockey pitch

Lisa Dodd-Mayne (Director of Sport and Active Communities, University of Warwick) and Stephen Jepson (Director, Hadron Consulting) summarise the business case for a new water-based hockey pitch as an integral part of Warwick’s £50m investment in sport.



The Challenge: Objectives for the water based hockey pitch

Lisa, Stephen, Alasdair MacIntosh (Programme Manager – Arts, Social Sciences & Sport, University of Warwick) and Charlotte Lloyd (Sports Officer, University of Warwick) discuss the objectives for the new water based pitch. With an aim to become the most active campus in the UK, top quality facilities were high on the agenda for the University, as well as improving the standard of hockey. The University also wanted to generate revenue from the pitch, and partnerships with England Hockey, while improving outreach in the community.



Results: Success across the board

We asked our interviewees whether their goals and objectives had been achieved. They told us how the new water-based hockey pitch at Warwick University has:

  • Attracted students to Warwick over competitor Universities
  • Increased participation in sport, contributing to their Active Campus and Reshaping Sport initiatives
  • Improved the quality of hockey at the University, with 3x promotions in the Ladies’ Hockey Club as well as promotion to the top league for the Men’s Hockey Club in the first year of the water-based pitch
  • Attracted partnerships with England Hockey, as well as generating pitch hire revenue from local clubs and schools.


Constructed with Integrity – Working with S&C Slatter

Stephen, Lisa and Alasdair discuss their selection of S&C Slatter following a competitive tender process, why the team stood out, and what S&C Slatter were actually like to work with through the construction and delivery process.


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