Road and Pathway Construction

S&C Slatter are highly experienced in road and pathway construction. Our in-house design and build teams are highly experienced in the delivery of effective vehicular and pedestrian access routes. Our designers can generate layout and specification options together with provisional or firmed costings, bespoke modelled for your particular road or pathway construction requirements.

All of these can be laid complete with necessary groundworks by our in-house installation teams. This may include ancillaries such lighting, static or retractable bollards, signage and S278 connection works.

Read on to find out more about car park, road and pathway construction or get in touch to discuss your project.

Car park construction

Access route and car park construction

Working with clients such as Eton College, Uxbridge Business Park and Elmbridge Borough Council, our in-house division deliver major surfacing and infrastructure solutions, including car parks, access roads, pathways and hardstandings.

We offer a variety of surfacing options, including tarmacadam, resin-bound, gravel and stone, as well as supporting works. This includes the design and installation of lighting, fencing, street furniture and landscaping.

Whether you’re looking to construct a new car park, a more user-friendly redesign, or simply require repairs to an access road, call or email us for an informal chat about your surfacing needs – we’re happy to conduct a free on-site assessment.

Car park, road and pathway resurfacing

With heavy traffic and footfall, particularly in a business or education environment, wear and tear can quickly cause damage to macadam surfacing.

Whilst cracks may start small, without swift repair the damage can rapidly worsen, creating a potential hazard to pedestrians and vehicles.

It’s important to remedy any health and safety hazards to protect not only the end users of your access roads and pathways – but to protect your organisation from any claims made as a result of hazardous surfaces.

View a selection of our car park, access road and pathway construction case studies.

Xcel Car Park Construction S&C Slatter

Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre Car Park

Kingshott Car Park and Road Construction S&C Slatter

Kingshott School Access Roadway

How to construct a car park, access road or pathway

Whilst each individual project will incorporate its own design, method statement and timetable, there are key stages in the construction of a car park, roadway or access pathway that apply to the majority of new projects.

Site survey
Our team will conduct a survey of the site, taking into account your project specific requirements, topography, space and location.

Design and planning
Based on the site survey and consultation with you, we’ll produce bespoke design options to help you visualise your new car park in-situ, preparing the relevant documents for planning approval. Once planning is granted and the design is agreed, the necessary technical drawings will be drawn up ready for construction.

Environmental considerations
We’ll provide environmental mitigation methods to help ensure the works are sustainable. This includes the management of water run-off and drainage, and management of dirt and foreign matter in line with relevant Highway Acts.

Health and safety
A bespoke plan will be created, led by our dedicated health and safety manager, ensuring that health and safety best practice is implemented on-site, meeting all legislative requirements.

This includes elements such as site clearance, rotovation and top soil removal.


A suitable drainage scheme will be implemented to ensure that surface water is removed at the rate of porosity specified for the chosen surface, and that no flooding will occur during poor weather. This may include carrier drains, drainage trenches, gulleys, catch pits and soakaways.

Sub-base and base
Base and sub-base layers and foundation materials will be carefully selected to support all loads on the surface without causing deformation, with water able to drain freely through into the subsoil or drainage system. Materials will be carefully chosen to best support the surface and drainage system, providing maximum durability and safety.

Your chosen surface type will be laid here, to the levels and tolerances required by British Standards.

Line-marking and signage
Parking bays, IN and OUT arrows or text will be marked in white thermoplastic paint, with visitor or disabled bays marked in appropriate colours.

Ancillary equipment
Providing the finishing touches to pathways or car parks may include the design and installation of security lighting, fencing, and hard or soft landscaping.

Where required, retaining walls or support to excavated faces will be provided along with relevant drainage.

How much does it cost to build a new car park, access road or pathway?

Costs will vary greatly based on the overall size and scope of the project, as well as the surfacing and supporting elements.


Factors to consider include:

  • Size of the car park, access road or pathway (e.g. number of bays, length)
  • Scope of groundworks required
  • Chosen surface
  • Environmental mitigation methods
  • Lighting, fencing and signage


Get in touch if you’d like an example breakdown of costs based on your project requirements.

How long does access road, pathway or car park construction take?

For new car parks, access roads or pathways, design and planning will likely be the most time-consuming part of the process.

With planning permission granted, an agreed construction schedule is put in place. The construction time for a new car park, roadway or pathway should be between 2-6 weeks, however this will depend on the size and scope of the project works.

How long will a car park, access road or pathway surface last for?

This depends partly on the chosen surface type, as well as the type and hours of use, location and maintenance.

Generally speaking, a new tarmacadam roadway, car park or pathway will have a lifespan of between 18-25 years but will likely require minor repairs during this time.

How do you maintain a car park, access pathway or roadway?

Maintenance is required to ensure you’re providing a safe and functioning surface for those using your facilities.

We’ve all seen potholes open up on our local roads – and how quickly they can worsen without being treated. It’s no different with any form of surfacing, so it’s important to identify and rectify any damage as quickly as possible. This minimises both risk, and the amount of work required to fix the problem.

Our surfacing and civils team have decades of experience across all sectors, and have seen first-hand the issues caused by minor hazards that could have been easily fixed if dealt with early on.

Please get in touch with our surfacing and civils team to arrange a free site visit, where we can assess any health and safety issues you may be facing.

Eton College Car Park

Eton College Car Park and Access Roads


If you’re constructing a facility with the assistance of a grant, you may be able to include access route construction works such as car parks, roadways and pathways.

Find out more from your grant provider if applicable, or you may wish to consider our financing options.


If you’re financing a refurbishment or new-build sports construction project, such as through a sports operating lease, you may be able to include car park construction in your finance agreement.

Learn about sports facility finance options and what can be included on our funding and finance page.

Car parks and access roads – designed and built by S&C Slatter

S&C Slatter have 30 years’ experience delivering trusted solutions to the sports, education and leisure sectors. The growth of our dedicated in-house surfacing and civils team is a result of increased demand from our client base, as well as a major investment programme into our expert personnel and outstanding fleet of construction and installation machinery.

As Gold members of Constructionline, a CHAS and Exor accredited company and a Category A Supply Chain Partner to Willmott Dixon, we’re perfectly placed to deliver first-class surfacing and civils construction projects – from initial design through to aftercare.

If you have any further questions on the construction or surfacing of car parks, roadways and pathways, or would like to discuss your project, please
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