Sports Surface Deep Clean

S&C Slatter’s dedicated maintenance division are leaders in sports facility maintenance and repair. We deliver expert service to over 600 sites across the UK. An annual or bi-annual deep clean of your sports surface will maximise its safety, performance and lifespan.

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Artificial sports pitch deep clean

Even with regular maintenance, artificial turf pitches can suffer at the hands of heavy usage, poor weather and misuse. Over time, dust and debris can become compacted within the fibres of the pitch. This prevents proper drainage, allowing algae and moss to grow on the surface, presenting a slip hazard to users.

An artificial pitch deep clean uses specialist equipment across a four-stage process. This revives your pitch, restoring it to a safe and high performing playing surface.

Synthetic turf deep cleans are suitable for:
  • 3G pitches for rugby, football, lacrosse etc.
  • Gen 2 Pitches
  • MUGAs
  • Sand-dressed, sand-filled and water-based hockey


MUGA, athletics track, playing court deep clean

As with artificial turf, all sports surfaces need regular and appropriate maintenance. Whether polymeric, macadam or polyurethane, protecting the surface will optimise performance and safety.
Our deep cleans use specialist pressure washing equipment to ensure your track or court is free from debris and dangerous moss growth – minimising risk and maximising performance.
Pressure washing deep cleans are suitable for:
  • Tennis courts
  • Netball or basketball courts
  • Multi-use games areas
  • Athletics tracks, long jump areas etc.
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Benenden sand dressed hockey pitch deep clean before deep clean by S&C Slatter

Sand dressed hockey pitch before deep clean

Benenden sand dressed hockey pitch deep clean after by S&C Slatter

Sand dressed hockey pitch after deep clean

Delay the need for refurbishment 

In an ideal world, you should have a deep clean on an annual or bi-annual basis, alongside regular maintenance. This will fully maximise the performance, integrity and longevity of your facility. However, ad-hoc deep cleans are great for reviving neglected or misused facilities, following a period of poor weather.

For older pitches, this can even mean delaying the cost of resurfacing or refurbishment. A deep clean can extend the lifespan of the pitch or playing court beyond its intended timescale.

Deep cleans minimise the chance of malfunction or damage. Our process identifies areas of weakness, such as infill levels, seams, and moss growth. The deep clean rectifies these, with our specialists carrying out specific repairs where required.
If your facility is coming to the end of its lifespan, or you believe it may be beyond repair – contact our specialists. We will advise whether a deep clean may be suitable, or if a resurface is required.

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Hampton School 3G Pitch before deep clean

3G pitch before deep clean

Hampton School 3G Pitch Deep Clean after by S&C Slatter Maintain

3G pitch after deep clean

Reconditioning four stage process

An artificial turf deep clean usually takes between 1-3 days. This depends on the size and condition of your artificial pitch.
We use specialist equipment including power brushing, drag-brushing and decompaction grooming tools.
The four-stage process involves:
  • Decontamination: A specialist rotary brush penetrates deep into the pile and lifts debris to the surface
  • Cleaning: Removal and disposal of debris, rubbish, weeds and moss
  • Decompaction: Reviving flattened pile, redistributing infill and adding new infill where required
  • Repair: Identifying and repairing damaged seams

Playing court + athletics track power clean

Deep cleaning a playing court is generally a less involved process than for artificial turf. This due to the combination of materials that make up an artificial turf system.
The process and timescale will depend on the state of the surface(s), number of courts or size of the running track.
Our technicians use specialist pressure washing equipment. This thorough process removes debris, moss or algae growth from playing surface.
Debris is then collected and removed from site, leaving your courts clean and safe for the best performance.

Tennis court before deep clean

Tennis court after deep clean

Maintained with Integrity

Established in 1991, S&C Slatter’s family heritage in sports pitch maintenance spans far further back.

We deliver regular maintenance to the education, leisure and sporting sectors, serving over 600 clients nationwide, including Everton Football Club, Sutton United and Imperial College London.  

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