Sports Building Construction
Pavilions, Clubhouses and Changing Facilities

Over 30 years, S&C Slatter have grown to become an expert one-stop solution for sports construction across the sport, leisure and education sectors with services including sports building construction. We are experienced in building clubhouses, pavilions, spectator seating, and changing facilities for schools, sports clubs, and local authorities.

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Sports pavilion and clubhouse construction

When producing a comprehensive and inclusive design solution for your sports facility, we can include and implement the full necessary support structure.

This includes sports buildings and structures:

  • Modular grandstands
  • Bleacher seating
  • Covered walkways
  • Pavilions
  • Club rooms
  • Team shelters
  • Storage

As well as the construction of state of the art sports facilities, we work with clients such as Leatherhead Youth Football Club, Holy Cross School and South Bromsgrove High to deliver supporting surfacing, equipment installation and building construction.

Aside from the economical side of working with one contractor to deliver both the major and supporting elements of a new sports construction project, clients benefit from our highly experienced, collaborative and expert team from start to finish.

Whether you need a small spectator seating area, team shelters or a large-scale pavilion, we can incorporate a wide variety of buildings and structures into your sports construction project.

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Sports Pavilion Construction

How long does it take to build a new sports pavilion or spectator area?

Clubhouses, team shelters and spectator areas are likely to be incorporated at the design and planning stage of a new sports construction project. The design and planning stage will likely be the most time-consuming part of the process, and in the case of certain structures, like team shelters, much of the main pitch construction will need to be completed first.

As part of the agreed construction schedule, our dedicated teams will ensure that the supporting building structures are delivered alongside the construction of your sports pitch or court.

Small structures may be built and implemented within a short space of time, with multi-story pavilions generally constructed alongside the main pitch, to ensure that your new facilities are handed over as one. This could take between 2-14 weeks, depending on the size and scope of your overall project works.

How much does a sports building cost?

This will depend entirely on the size and scope of the building. For example, a 4-team changing room and club room pavilion for a football club will be a lot more expensive than pitch-side team shelters or a small storage provision.

The main factors that will impact the overall cost are:

  • Type of building, e.g. pavilion, storage room, team shelter
  • Size of the building, e.g. number of stories and rooms
  • Scope of groundworks required
  • Internal features e.g. electrical and utilities
  • Materials used (e.g. modular, timber frame etc.)
  • Design and finish
  • Ancillary equipment
Construction of 3G pitch and pavilion at Ringmer FC by S&C Slatter

3G Pitch and Clubhouse Construction

Modular grandstand seating

Modular Stand Seating

Sports facility pavilion design and construction

Pavilion Design and Build

Cost Benefits

As well as taking advantage of our one-stop service which minimises management complexity and maximises communication, making our brief fully inclusive delivers both management and supply cost efficiencies.

For instance, whilst we have our groundworks and construction machinery on site to prepare a sport pitch footprint and sub-base, it makes complete economic sense to utilise the same to prepare foundations for say new changing facilities.

Project delivery benefits

And it certainly helps to achieve a smooth and integrated programme of works if there is just one specialist control point.

Our Pre-Construction Team are skilled in developing and realising extended infrastructure projects whether for single sports pitches or multi-pitch sports and leisure complexes.

Sports structures and buildings by S&C Slatter

Whether for a single pitch project or multi-sport leisure complex, S&C Slatter’s pre-construction team are skilled in developing and realising extended infrastructure for sports construction projects.

Delivering trusted solutions to the sports, education and leisure sectors for 30 years, our dedicated in-house teams will ensure that every element of your sports construction design is considered, including the provision and construction of sports pavilions, clubhouses, team shelters, spectator areas and storage structures.

If you have any further questions on the construction of supporting buildings and structures for your sports pitch or leisure complex, please get in touch.

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