The provision of sports-grade fencing to the perimeter of a new pitch facility is a standard but principal element of most project designs and proposals. Selection of the best specification and layout for each location and range of sports applications is a key consideration and one in which our in-house design and engineering team have substantial experience.

This includes looking at provision for spectators via a spectator-specific fence line and gate access for both pedestrians and maintenance vehicles or equipment.

Weldmesh is the most common manufacture-type offering a good standard of generic strength and durability but with a choice of systems which provide varying performance levels.

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These include:
868 twin wire rigid panel fencing, galvanised and polyester powder coated with excellent rigidity and impact resistance.

Super rebound quality 868 rigid panel fencing used regularly in the bottom 1.2m of a fence line instead of traditional wooden rebound panels.

Roll form weldmesh fencing which doesn’t have the strength of the rigid panel specification but is a good option for tennis courts or sports pitches where a budget priced solution is necessary.

Acoustic fencing. Noise pollution is a major concern within our environment and one which demands our close attention particularly when developing new sports and activity facilities. A number of our pitch projects have incorporated very successful acoustic fencing designs and we will be pleased to show you some examples.

Obviously, it is of great advantage that we have our in-house civil engineering resource as very often construction and installation technique is a key constituent of an acoustic design solution.

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Bespoke Systems for Each Project


If you’re constructing a new sports facility with the assistance of a grant, you may be able to include ancillary works such as fencing.

Find out more from your grant provider if applicable, or you may wish to consider our financing options.



If you’re financing a refurbishment or new-build sports construction project, such as through a sports operating lease, you may be able to include ancillary works such as fencing.

Learn about sports facility finance options and what can be included on our funding and finance page.


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