With a detailed project design and specification in place, you will be looking to enter the planning and construction approval process.

Planning permission is usually required for a wide range of developments including:

  • Construction of new sports pitches and multi-use games areas (MUGA)
  • Replacing or changing the generic playing surface e.g natural grass to a synthetic surfacing system
  • New or replacement floodlighting
  • New or replacement fencing and gates and other security features
  • New or extensions to clubhouses
  • New or additional car parking
  • Increasing the intensity of use of an existing site
  • Introducing significant ancillary facilities
  • New or improved site access
  • Change of use of agricultural land

We would recommend that it is best to initially assume that planning permission will be necessary – even if you deem the works to be minor.

In preparing your case for the planning authority, S&C Slatter can offer invaluable assistance by either working with your own planning team as specialist advisor, or by taking lead responsibility for the whole process. When it comes to observing strict planning and compliance requirements, you can be assured we offer the expertise and guidance you need.

Our integrated approach to leading your planning application embraces all stages from concept to completion including liaison with local planning authorities, statutory bodies and project stakeholders.

Importantly we have the technical and commercial expertise to ensure that any planning parameters or constraints are successfully addressed in ways which sustain project viability and integrity.

Horspath Sports Centre

This includes:

  • Preparation of survey drawings and data
  • Project build plans
  • Evidential reports
  • Project narratives
  • Preparation of the formal application
  • Attendance at relevant meetings and interviews

Through collaborative team working, we make sure that all interested parties are kept engaged and informed during the application period. A lack of engagement can often result in misunderstandings, extended timelines even planning objections, so we work hard to uphold thorough and consistent communication and achieve a seamless outcome.

S&C Slatter is a well-known and respected specialist in the construction of sports facilities, and this will also give extra credibility to your project when liaising with Sports Governing Bodies. We are an International Hockey Federation (FIH) Certified Field Builder, we work on Football Association and Football Foundation Framework projects and are one of the largest installers of England & Wales Cricket Board Approved artificial cricket pitch systems.

In the same way, we prepare outline plans for building your new sports pitch, or refurbishing an existing one, we are happy to draft proposals on how we might best assist in delivering a successful planning application for your sports facility.

Horspath Sports Centre Cut & Fill Summary

Isometric Plan

Access Road Section

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