Stage 3: Technical Design

With planning permission granted, it’s time to prepare for perhaps the most important phase of your project, construction, through the production of comprehensive technical designs.

Technical design

As with all projects, ensuring that the technical design is thorough and well informed will greatly minimise risk during the most expensive phase of your project, construction phase. This is where your design becomes informed and specific, addressing and anticipating issues, while incorporating all of the chosen materials and elements of your project.

Technical design incorporates plan, isometric, elevation and construction section views to create a comprehensive representation of the project proposal.

All bases covered

These drawings will include every element that will be delivered during the construction phase, from levels and drainage to line-marking and floodlighting, setting out and as built.

Utilising our project management, construction and design expertise, our team will work closely with you to deliver future-proofed designs that deliver on your goals while taking into account the technical data and plans from stage 2.

With planning permission in place and all of the necessary technical drawings produced, your project is ready to begin the construction process.

Xcel Sports Hub

Why work with S&C Slatter?

With 30 years’ experience in the design and delivery of sports construction projects, we know what works in theory doesn’t always work in practice. We can ensure, utilising site-specific knowledge from our site investigations, as well as our own substantial experience, that your designs are innovative, feasible and in line with your project objectives.

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Ensuring effective and comprehensive technical designs will minimise your exposure to risk and cost during the implementation of works and throughout the construction phase.

With the benefit of dedicated in-house design and construction teams, cross-department communication will maximise the effectiveness of our designs, allowing for a smooth transition between the design phase and the construction phase.

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