Stage 1: Definition & Brief

The first stage of our process encompasses the development of your initial idea and objectives into a fully formed project brief and budget.

Concept to completion

S&C Slatter’s ‘Concept to Completion’ process mirrors the RIBA Plan of Work framework.

Our five-stage process details the steps involved in the delivery of a new sports construction project, all of which can be handled by our dedicated in-house teams spanning design, planning, construction and maintenance.

Our five stage process

Each of these pages will detail a key step in the delivery of your project, so you can understand the process and what to expect at every stage.


Stage 1: Definition & brief

The first stage begins when the need for your project is identified. This might be an early idea, a fully formed brief or somewhere in between.

We will help to develop and define your brief into a business case for your project, through a discussion of your goals and objectives, formulating an initial project brief.

These discussions will help to define the type and level of sport you wish to accommodate, as well as any additional infrastructure that will be required to support this, such as access routes, lighting and spectator areas.

Contextualising your ideas

From here, we will undertake a site visit, to better understand the proposed space for your facility and take into account any existing infrastructure that could be factored into your finalised brief and project costs.

After reviewing the site data and any special considerations (such as access issues, ecological concerns, nearby areas or buildings of special heritage), we’ll undertake feasibility studies and, in line with your agreed strategic objectives, our expert pre-construction team will collaborate with you to formulate a project brief and budget.

At this stage, depending on the scope and complexity of the project, a pre-planning application statement may be produced, to assist with the planning application process.

Why work with S&C Slatter?

S&C Slatter provide a one-stop solution for your sports construction project, handling the process from start to finish. With extensive in-house knowledge across design, planning, construction and maintenance, we’ll advise you on the process and project specific requirements based on your needs, so you have a reliable understanding of prospective project costs and timelines.

We’ll explain exactly what you need for quality construction to your specification, advising on ways to save costs and maximise longevity, to help you get your design right from the very start.

Don’t just take it from us. Learn why The University of Warwick chose to work with S&C Slatter, and how they found the process here.


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