3G Artificial Turf Pitches for Football

3G Artificial Turf Pitches for Football

Everton has become the latest high-profile football club to enjoy the benefits of new football turf facilities provided by our Slatter Sports Construction Team. A full-size outdoor pitch and smaller indoor one at the club’s renowned USM Finch Farm Training Complex have been refurbished and upgraded with new FieldTurf CORE 42-17 football turf playing surfaces.

Prior to introducing the new systems, the company’s refurbishment technicians had to release, uplift and remove from site both the existing artificial grass surfaces and shock pads without causing disruption of the overall pitch structures.

Having completed the removal process and preparation of the sub-base formations, a new in situ-bound rubber shock pad was machine-laid to fine tolerances over each pitch footprint.

Installed over the new shock pad systems is FieldTurf CORE 42-17 football turf which represents a genuinely revolutionary development in artificial grass technology. The fibre has a hardened centre for exceptional resilience and durability but a soft outer layer for optimum player comfort and interaction. This combination has prompted many to comment that CORE is the most exciting innovation we’ve seen for many years.


3G Artificial Turf Pitch for Football. 6760m2.

FIFA Quality Performance Standard.

3G Artificial Turf Pitch for Football. 2284m2.

Certified to EN 15330-1.

Removal of existing surfacing and shock pads.

Installation of new in-situ bound shock pad systems.

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