Football Foundation funding supports inclusive football at Racing Club Warwick

Securing funding through the Football Foundation AGP Framework, Racing Club Warwick were able to finance the conversion of their poorly performing natural turf pitch to a brand new 3G artificial turf pitch.

The new facility will allow the club to expand their existing teams and extend their programme of football to include new girls and disability football teams, while serving the local community and generating revenue through hire.

Key Achievements

  • Conversion of existing grass pitch to new full sized 3G stadia pitch
  • Spectator seating area, fencing + equipment
  • Access pathway construction
  • Delivered through the Football Foundation AGP Framework
  • Club has received record-breaking season ticket enquiries
  • New facility allows for expansion to football programme to include disability and girl’s football teams
  • Huge number of enquiries for pitch hire
  • The club has partnered with local schools to further community benefit

The Challenge

Racing Club Warwick is a football club based in Warwick, Warwickshire. With the first team currently competing in the Midland League Premier Division, the club also has junior boys teams and – as of 2020-21 – an U19 academy and education programme run by Future Pro.

With an ambition to give “everyone the opportunity to play at the best level they can, or just for pure enjoyment” the club’s key goal was to expand their football programme and better serve the local community. Objectives included the growth of the club’s existing semi-pro and academy teams and the addition of new girls and disability football teams.

The club’s existing pitch was proving to be a barrier to these ambitions, as well as causing issues during the football season:

Club Chair Gary Vella commented that: 

The main pitch was notoriously poor and many games were lost over the winter months.

The club knew they needed a pitch that could withstand the high hours of usage for match play and training that their enhanced programme – and community use – would demand. They also recognised the revenue potential that an artificial pitch would bring.

The Solution

Following the installation of a small 3G training pitch at the Townsend Meadow site in 2018, the club instantly saw the benefits of a 3G playing surface. This further emphasised the benefits of converting their main, full-sized pitch:

We put a small 3G pitch down 3 years back and it has been a revelation. None of the teams have lost any games and can of course train all year round. We could have also hired the pitch out several times over, hence the conversion of the main pitch.

– Gary Vella, Club Chair

As with many semi-pro and community level clubs, funding was a barrier to the delivery of a new pitch. In turn, this hampered the club’s goal of expanding their football programme further to better serve the local community. Situated in Warwick, the club were consulted as part of the Football Foundation’s Local Football Facility Plans. Through the process, the Townsend Meadow facility was recognised as a viable site for improving football provision in the local authority area.

Racing Club Warwick applied successfully for funding for a new 3G Pitch through the new cycle of the Football Foundation AGP Framework, where S&C Slatter were the preferred supplier on the tender for works. Together with our exclusive turf partners FieldTurf, S&C Slatter have proudly served the Football Foundation AGP Framework since 2015, experienced in delivering transformational sports facilities for schools, councils and community clubs.

Under the new framework, S&C Slatter undertook all elements of the project, replacing the club’s poorly performing main pitch with a cutting edge full-sized 3G Pitch, complete with an artificial turf system from our partners FieldTurf (FIFA Preferred turf suppliers). The project included the installation of fencing, footpaths, spectator areas and equipment. S&C Slatter worked closely with Racing Club Warwick throughout the process, delivering the project safely despite the challenge of winter weather and two national lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Result

Under the Football Foundation AGP Framework, S&C Slatter and FieldTurf have delivered a new full-sized 3G Pitch at Racing Club Warwick which will greatly enhance the club’s community outreach and plans to expand their football programme.

Despite construction taking place during the 2nd and 3rd national lockdowns of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Racing Club Warwick have already seen a positive impact from their new pitch, despite being unable to open to the community just yet:

Obviously we cannot open yet, but we’ve had a huge interest on social media and already received record season ticket enquiries for next season, as well as a huge number of enquiries to hire the pitch.

We believe revenues will greatly increase and as soon as we can return, we’ll be able to achieve our objectives of adding additional girls and disability teams and programmes, to rent out to the community and expand our academy and semi-pro teams.

– Gary Vella, Club Chair

As well as the pitch allowing the club to achieve their key project objectives of delivering an enhanced programme of football for all in the community, the club has partnered with local schools. This will allow young pupils in the area to enjoy the benefit of the state-of-the-art new facility as part of their education. Racing Club Warwick are also set to generate revenue through external management companies. They’ll be hiring out the pitch through Schoolhire and a Sunday night 6-a-side league will be run by Powerplay at the club.

Despite the pandemic, 1-2-1 sessions have been able to take place with great feedback received on the new playing surface:

Everybody who has visited the site has given very positive feedback. The design and layout is superb, it was excellent working with S&C Slatter.

– Gary Vella, Club Chair

With the new teams “extremely excited” to let loose on the new pitch, a record number of season ticket enquiries and huge demand for bookings, there’s no doubt Racing Club Warwick will truly become a buzzing home for football – for all in the community – in the very new future.

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