Case Study: Clements Hall and Rayleigh Leisure Centres

3G Artificial Turf for Football

Sand-dressed Artificial Turf for Multi-use Games

Fusion Lifestyle, a registered charity, provides quality sport, leisure and fitness activities to local communities with the objective of encouraging people to get healthy and active. Since its formation in 2000, Fusion Lifestyle has continued grow and now provides facilities at nearly 100 locations throughout the UK.

At Clements Hall Leisure Centre, the existing 45m x 34m artificial grass surface was removed and replaced with a new 42mm 3G artificial turf for football, installed over the current shock pad, with line markings for one 9 a side pitch and two cross pitches. Block walling and fencing were replaced with 3m rebound quality rigid panel weld mesh fencing supplemented to a height of 5 metres by heavy duty netting.

The 37m x 37m polymeric hard court area at Rayleigh Leisure Centre has been overlaid with an 18mm sand-dressed artificial turf, which is line marked for two tennis courts and D’s for 5 a side football. Repairs were also carried out to the existing weld mesh perimeter fencing.


Clements Hall Leisure Centre 3G Artificial Turf for Football. 1530m2.

Rayleigh Leisure Centre Sand-dressed Artificial Turf for Multi-use Games. 1369m2.

Removal and or preparation of existing surfaces. Refurbishment of perimeter walling and fencing, and provision of new systems as necessary.

The new artificial turf surfaces are playing really well and more than fulfilling our expectations. We enjoyed a good working relationship with S&C Slatter and both projects were delivered to plan.

Noel Cooper, General Manager Rayleigh Leisure Centre

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