Maximising Capacity for Pubs and Restaurants

Case study: The Crown at Bray

Following a professional installation of artificial landscape grass, The Crown at Bray have successfully weather-proofed their outdoor space to maximise customer capacity through the winter, while safely satisfying government coronavirus guidelines.

The Challenge

The Crown at Bray is a classic village pub, beloved by locals and visitors alike, with a mouth-watering gastropub menu. As the government introduced policies to contain the spread of COVID-19, the pub faced the industry-wide challenge of reduced dining capacity resulting from the implementation of social distancing measures.

The highly rated country pub had to adapt in order to adhere to government guidelines. These changes drastically reduced the number of covers The Crown could serve resulting in reduced turnover.

To overcome the challenge the decision was made to create a new ‘Garden Restaurant’.  Situated under a marquee in the pub garden, the new dining area fully utilises all outdoor space to maximise space and social distancing measures.

The Garden Restaurant has proven to be a great success throughout the summer but following heavy footfall the lawn on which it is situated quickly became uneven, worn and tired.

With summer turning to winter, The Crown needed to find a solution to keep the floor of the Garden Restaurant usable, safe, and dry to remain operational and sustain maximal capacity through the winter months.

The Solution

As well as introducing heaters and side panels for warmth, The Crown knew that they would need to address the worn ground in their garden. A grass surface would be less than ideal for winter weather, prone to becoming muddy, slippery and waterlogged.

With expertise in land drainage and artificial turf technology S&C Slatter were asked to advise on a suitable artificial grass surface for the outdoor space, that wouldn’t be hampered by poor weather or heavy foot traffic.

Our team quickly devised a plan to construct a properly drained artificial turf lawn with all-weather usability, a natural looking grass aesthetic, and a long lifespan. To prepare the area, our expert technicians first levelled out the ground, introducing a stone base layer to improve on-site drainage. We then installed landscape artificial grass carefully selected for its durability and visual appeal.

With a timescale of 5 days to transform the Garden Restaurant ready for winter, S&C Slatter were thrilled to deliver the installation ahead of schedule, allowing The Crown team to focus on their grand re-opening.

The Result

The Crown at Bray’s beautiful new Garden Restaurant welcomed customers as planned on 22nd September. Guests enjoyed the new autumn menu in a relaxing, spacious, outdoor environment, comfortably adhering to the government’s guidelines, rain or shine!

S&C Slatter’s landscape artificial grass installation has enabled the continued operation of the outdoor restaurant through the winter and, as it’s easy to disinfect, contributes to an hygienic environment, supporting the enhanced cleaning measures required by COVID-19.

With a Certificate of Compliance from their auditors to certify a Covid-19 Safety Policy that protects customers and staff alike, it’s clear that The Crown at Bray have skilfully adapted their available space in light of the ongoing restrictions.

By introducing a winter-ready outdoor restaurant that safely provides space and comfort, The Crown at Bray have been able to tackle the difficulties that Coronavirus measures have thrown at their business. Safely maximising available space outside has offset the reduced capacity inside, without compromising on customer experience or safety.

Having seen the finished garden for ourselves, we think the beautiful garden experience will be a customer favourite all year round, long after the pandemic is over!

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