Ensuring safety and top performance with expert maintenance

As FIH Certified Field Builders, S&C Slatter were thrilled to deliver a new sand-dressed hockey pitch to FIH National Certification at the University of Southampton in 2018. Following construction, the university entrusted our dedicated Maintenance Division to ensure the new pitch would sustain its high level performance standard.

Our team deliver specialist sports facility maintenance at the university’s Wide Lane Sports Ground, ensuring optimum performance and safety standards across the hockey pitch and neighbouring 3G pitch, despite heavy weekly usage levels.

Key Achievements

  • Tailored maintenance programme
  • High standards maintained since pitch installation
  • Strong working relationship with client
  • Protecting lifespan of the pitch
  • Only positive feedback from end-users


The Challenge

The University of Southampton is a Global Top 100 University and one of the Top 15 Universities in the UK According to The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021.

A traditionally academic university, part of the renowned Russell Group, Southampton does not offer any undergraduate sports degree programmes. Much like other academic universities however, extra-curricular activities and facilities are recognised as an important part of both attracting students and providing a fulfilling university experience.

With over 20,000 students enrolled across 7 campuses – 5 of which are based in the City of Southampton – the university is committed to safeguarding the physical and mental wellbeing of its students.

As well as providing a variety of sport, fitness and gym facilities, this means ensuring that they are safe to use and in the best possible condition to ensure high quality play. The Wide Lane Sports ground is just one of many facilities owned and operated by the university, featuring a variety of sports facilities, including 1x artificial turf pitch for hockey and 1x artificial turf 3G pitch for football, rugby, lacrosse and American football.

It’s not only the students that enjoy the use of the university’s excellent facilities, with both pitches hired out and in use for over 50 hours each per week. With artificial turf requiring specialist maintenance, maximising the lifespan of these pitches – while maintaining performance standards and safety – were key objectives for the university when considering a maintenance provider.

The Solution

Having constructed the new sand-dressed hockey pitch at the Wide Lane sports ground, the University were already aware of S&C Slatter. Impressed by the construction team’s workmanship, the university chose to work with our dedicated in-house maintenance team to ensure that the pitch would be maintained to the same high standard it was built to.

Stephen Pacey, Wide Lane Supervisor, University of Southampton, commented:

“S&C Slatter built the pitch and did a great job of it. We wanted to ensure that effective maintenance was performed by those who specialise in that type of work.”

The team deliver a bespoke programme of maintenance to the sand-dressed hockey pitch, as well as the adjacent 3G pitch on site. The pitches – as well as equipment and fencing – are assessed on arrival at each maintenance session. Our experienced practitioners look for any issues that may require repair, as well as using the inspection to inform the work carried out during the visit.

Maintenance work on each visit includes the removal of debris (litter picking, leaf blowing) as well as power brushing each pitch using our in-house specialist machinery. The 3G pitch is also decompacted with flattened pile revived and infill redistributed. Any small-scale tears or weaknesses in the artificial turf are repaired on site.

Using before and after photos and our unique e-reporting system, our technicians are able to showcase the works carried out on each visit – as well as notify the university of any potential safety hazards – with a detailed digital report emailed once the visit is complete.

The Result

Since the construction of the new hockey pitch and the bespoke maintenance programme carried out at the facility, S&C Slatter have ensured the quality and safety of the pitches at Wide Lane. Despite usage of over 50 hours per week on each pitch, the university are able to see – through player feedback, discussions on site and our detailed e-report – that the pitches are being kept to the high standards of safety and play required.

“We don’t get any negative feedback from our users – which is a sign of high standards being kept up”.

– Stephen Pacey, Wide Lane Supervisor, University of Southampton

By designing a tailored programme of regular maintenance, the performance, safety and longevity of each facility is protected. This ensures maximum safety and performance for users, as well as return on investment for the university.

We’re delighted to continue our partnership with the university following the construction of their FIH National Certified hockey pitch, ensuring that both pitches are performing safely and to a high standard through our specialist sports facility maintenance.


It's refreshing working with S&C Slatter, the pitch will be better for longer as a result without a doubt. Thank you and please keep up the good work!"

Stephen Pacey, Wide Lane Supervisor, University of Southampton

Dedicated In-House Maintenance Division

Slatter Sports Maintain is a specialist division of S&C Slatter with an exceptional heritage in sports facility maintenance, dating back to the company’s formation in 1991.

Projects range substantially in size, complexity and application but all continue to embrace and exhibit the same attention to detail and commitment to outstanding personal customer service.

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