Delivering trusted solutions to the sport, leisure and education sectors for 30 years, S&C Slatter have grown to become an expert one-stop solution for sports construction.

Ground enabling works for sports construction S&C Slatter

Enabling works for construction

With each of our dedicated in-house departments experiencing rapid growth, our civil engineering team deliver projects both in support of our wider sports construction projects, as well as stand-alone projects of all shapes and sizes.

Groundworks are part and parcel of any sports construction development, and our team have decades of experience in the preparation of sub-surfaces for the commencement of construction works.

Whether you’re looking to undertake enabling works or the construction of a new retaining wall, call or email us for an informal chat about your needs – we’re happy to conduct a free on-site assessment.

What are groundworks?

Groundworks are works carried out on surfaces and sub-surfaces, prior to the start of construction, and usually form the first physical stage of the construction process.

Though the exact works carried out will depend on what’s being constructed, groundworks may include any of the following:

Ground investigation
A ground investigation is carried out to identify past land uses, stability and identify any potential problems.

This stage helps to inform project design and feeds into the consequent groundworks that are undertaken.

Site clearance
As the name suggests, this is where the site is cleared, making space for construction. This stage includes stripping of topsoil, ground levelling and construction of retaining walls where required.

Substructure and ground stabilisation
As well as brick, stone, reinforced concrete or timber retaining walls, there are other methods of ground stabilisation, including soil nails, ground anchors and geosynthetic materials.

Suitable ground stabilisation techniques and foundation support will be identified and implemented based on your project needs.

Site services
Site services include enabling works and/or modification of existing drainage systems, as well as any required alteration of utilities connections.

This may include site remodelling or hard landscaping.

How much do groundworks cost?

The cost of enabling works will vary based on the scope of groundworks required to support the construction project itself.

As an example, enabling works for an artificial turf pitch can be between £15,000 – £30,000 with enabling works for a small car park beginning at £14,000.

How long do enabling works take?

As with the cost, this will depend on the size and scope of the groundworks and stabilisation required.

For artificial pitch construction, groundworks usually take between 1-2 weeks.

Ground enabling works for sports construction S&C Slatter
Base excavation hockey pitch construction S&C Slatter

Groundworks – delivered by S&C Slatter

CHAS and Exor accredited, S&C Slatter are Gold members of Constructionline and Category A Supply Chain Partners to Willmott Dixon.

With 30 years’ experience delivering trusted solutions to the sports, education and leisure sectors, our dedicated in-house technicians are perfectly placed to deliver first-class enabling works for your construction project.

If you have any further questions on the groundworks for construction, please get in touch.