Deep clean breathes new life into artificial pitches

29th Jan 2021

We were thrilled to see the results of our specialist winter deep clean at two independent schools recently. The pitches, constructed by S&C Slatter, are looked after by our maintenance specialists – and still look as good as new!

Constructed – and maintained – with integrity

In December 2020, our dedicated maintenance division visited two independent schools to carry out artificial turf deep cleans. The pitches – one sand dressed hockey pitch and one 3G pitch for rugby and football – were constructed by S&C Slatter in 2015 and 2012 respectively.

We visited the schools on day one of the deep clean process, returning on the third day, once work was complete, to capture before and after images. Common problems were identified on both pitches, with compaction occurring on the 3G Pitch, where the infill was no longer visible under flattened pile.

3G pitch before deep clean
3G pitch after deep clean

The hockey pitch had contamination visible on the surface, with visible moss growth, commonplace on pitches during winter months.

Sand-dressed hockey pitch before deep clean
Sand-dressed hockey pitch after deep clean

Following the deep clean process, the pitches were free from contaminants and debris, with the artificial turf pile and infill materials completely revived.

What is a winter deep clean?

In truth, a deep clean can be – and often is – carried out at any time of the year. A deep clean is designed to revitalise an artificial turf surface, maximising performance, safety and longevity.

The reason they are sometimes known as a ‘winter deep clean’ is because even with regular maintenance, pitches face greater risk of damage during the winter months. Deep cleans are designed to fully penetrate the artificial turf, lifting and cleaning the infill, while reviving the pile.

The four-stage process can take between 1-3 days, depending on the size and condition of your pitch. Find out more about the process on our dedicated Deep Clean page.


Why do pitches need a deep clean?

Ideally, deep cleans should be carried out annually or biannually in addition to standard regular maintenance.

Following heavy usage throughout the year – and poor weather – artificial turf can become compacted. This, combined with debris such as fallen leaves collecting on the surface, can cause issues with drainage and the growth of moss and algae.

If not addressed, this can lead to a slippery surface, badly affecting the grip, performance and ultimately safety of a pitch.


It’s great to see the results of our specialist deep clean on these pitches – helping to extend their lifespan and provide optimum safety and performance.

Artificial Pitch Deep Clean

If your artificial pitch could benefit from a deep clean, get in touch with our maintenance experts to arrange a free site consultation.

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