6th Year of FIH Global Status at Queen Ethelburga’s

2nd Sep 2020

Under the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Quality Programme, S&C Slatter are thrilled to share that the hockey pitch we constructed at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate has retained its FIH Global Certified Field status.

The pitch was one of a number of pitches we constructed for hockey, football and rugby in 2014, as part of a wider £30m investment in sport by the ‘excellent’ rated independent school.

International Performance Standard

The water-based hockey pitch was delivered to FIH Global Certification, meaning that it’s certified for international and top-level national competition, a certification that has now been renewed until July 2022.

We’re proud supporters of the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. As the first globally recognised FIH Certified Field Builders, we work exclusively with our turf partners FieldTurf,  FIH Preferred Suppliers.

Together, we have produced 14 FIH Certified Hockey Pitches designed and constructed for the levels of play our clients require, from Multi-sport through to Global.

We look forward to many more years of elite play at the fantastic facility.

Winning Partnership for Hockey

S&C Slatter and FieldTurf have delivered more hockey pitches to FIH Global Certification in the UK than any other contractor.

We’re committed to providing first-class pitches for top performance, maximum use and longevity.

With in-house expertise across design, planning, construction and maintenance, get in touch now to discuss your hockey needs.

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