New Hockey Pitch at Mowden Hall School

24th Nov 2016

The New Hockey Pitch at Mowden Hall School
S&C Slatter is an FIH Certified Field Builder

Mowden Hall School is getting a brand new artificial turf hockey pitch from FIH Certified Field Builder S&C Slatter and it’s just ‘Going green’. This is always a great time as the school, pupils and staff see the construction becoming recognisable as the superb hockey facility they have been anticipating with growing excitement.

The process of laying and installing the artificial turf itself, in this case FieldTurf Gold SD, very often comes as a surprise. It happens so quickly. This is partly because of the surfacing system itself which is quality-designed and bespoke manufactured for each project.

However the principal factor is our highly experienced installation teams. Each team member knows and thoroughly understands their individual tasks and have been specifically trained to complete these to precise quality standards. They work with the very latest technology and are supported by an in-house and on-site project management process which is demanding and second to none.

As a total company, S&C Slatter is tuned to complete its artificial turf sports construction projects via a seamless delivery which creates outstanding sports facilities and high levels of client satisfaction. It will come as no surprise that many of our new project introductions commence with a recommendation from an existing customer.

We have certainly enjoyed working with Mowden Hall School which is a vibrant, leading co-educational preparatory school set in glorious surroundings in the Northumberland countryside.

The school has a strong sporting tradition with high standards of coaching and good facilities to enable the children to develop impressive skills. As well as competitive team sports, the Sports Department promotes a sport-for-all attitude, actively including those pupils who consider themselves to be less athletic and ensuring they also have the opportunity to represent the school and develop their potential.

At Mowden Hall our team is completing a new 4500m2 build artificial turf hockey pitch which will enhance still further the school’s sporting assets. The project features 4500m2 of sand dressed artificial turf laid out for both hockey and football. Underneath there is an in-situ bound rubber shock pad over an engineered sub-base structure which incorporates a lateral drainage system.

Around the perimeter is 3m high rigid panel weld-mesh fencing and a spectator fence with a hardstanding area and access path. The pitch can also be divided using a 3m dividing net system bringing in to play two line marked cross play hockey pitches.

We’ll let you see some further photos once it’s fully finished.