New Mini-Paver Joins the S&C Slatter Fleet

21st Aug 2017

New S&C Slatter Mini-Paver
Working at a Major New Sports Hub

S&C Slatter has increased its in-house fleet of specialist construction machinery with the addition of a Vogele Super 800-3i mini-paver.

Already successfully employed on a number of sports construction sites, the mini-paver is ideal for work on small multi-use games areas (MUGAs), spectator zones and pathways. It fits ideally into the company’s operational programme where larger units can’t be used and hand-laying just doesn’t produce the right results.

The Super 800-3i mini-paver will deliver a higher standard of finish and consistency, improved working efficiency and productivity, reduced materials handling and a better working environment for the site operations team.

Although it has an impressive laydown rate of up to 300 tonnes/per hour, with a wide range of pave widths from half a metre to three and half metres, it’s very compact with a clearance width of only 1.4 metres, making it a great option for confined working sites and those with restricted access points.

The 800-3i joins its ‘big brother’ the 1600-3i within the S&C Slatter fleet as testimony to the company’s continuing investment in developing in-house resources. The focus as always is on quality enhancement through the acquisition of latest technology and innovation.

With a maximum pave width of seven metres and a laydown rate of 600 tonnes per hour, the Vogele Super 1600-3i is a well-established and valued part of the Slatter construction delivery process. It’s constantly engaged in both the sport pitch and estate-wide infrastructure builds which mirror the company’s increasing project reach.

Subject of course to availability, the S&C Slatter 800-3i mini-paver also can be hired, together with its team of highly experienced operators, for external projects. For full details call S&C Slatter on 01635 34521 or email

Mini-Paver Joins Larger 'Brother'
Another Member of the S&C Slatter In-House Fleet