Active Together: Sport England and Crowdfunder team up to support sports clubs through the coronavirus crisis

5th Jun 2020

With coronavirus impacting all sectors, we know how difficult a time it has been for the 120,000 sports clubs and voluntary organisations across the country, who work hard to deliver sporting facilities to those who need them.

Quick to respond to the crisis, Sport England announced an initial £210m in funding to help the physical activity sector through the coronavirus uncertainty in England.

Now, as the country looks towards the ‘new normal’, they have announced a further £1m in funding via their Active Together partnership, aimed at local clubs and sporting organisations facing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19.


What is the Active Together partnership?

The partnership is delivered in collaboration with the crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder, where organisations can run a campaign to fundraise a specific amount – with people pledging money in return for an incentive or ‘reward’.

Sport England have pledged £1m to match funds raised by eligible organisations through the platform, up to a maximum of £10,000 per organisation.


Who is eligible?

Organisations eligible to apply for a Sport England ‘pledge’ are:

  • Local sports clubs
  • Charity, community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations that deliver sport and/or physical activity in their community for the benefit of people residing in England.

How does it work?

If your application is approved, your project will be able to receive a 50% (maximum £10,000) match fund of your fundraising total, in the form of a ‘pledge’ from Sport England.

Your Crowdfunder project will need to meet two criteria in order to receive a pledge:

  • Raise at least 25% of your initial target
  • Raise this 25% from a minimum number of supporters (as defined by Sport England, depending on your overall crowdfunding target)

You will then need to raise the full 100% of your goal in order to receive the Sport England funds.

In essence, for any goal set to £20,000 or below, you’re only having to fundraise 50% of the campaign through crowdfunding, with Sport England pledging the rest!



If you’re approved for a pledge and your crowdfunding target is £5,000, Sport England can match up to 50% of this (£2,500).

You’ll need to raise £1250 (25% of your initial campaign target) from a minimum of 25 supporters to receive your £2,500 pledge from Sport England.

That will bring your overall campaign to £3750, which is 75% of your crowdfunding target. You then need to crowdfund the final 25% of your campaign goal (another £1250) to receive your funds from Sport England (and your generous supporters!)

How do I apply for the Active Together Sport England Pledge?

Apply through the dedicated page on the Crowdfunder website – make sure to check out the full terms and conditions too, to see whether your organisation is eligible and what criteria you’ll have to meet for your crowdfunding goal.

Can I get help with my application?

If you’re thinking of applying to the fund and setting up a crowdfunding page, there are some great resources available in the dedicated sports section of the crowdfunder website, this includes examples of successful campaigns, webinars and guides.

S&C Slatter have been providing trusted solutions to the sports, leisure and education sectors since 1991, and have been proud to work with local and community organisations to improve their sports facilities.

If you know you need certain work doing but are unsure on costs, then we’re happy to provide a free assessment of your facilities, to provide guidance on costs to help in setting your fundraising target.

Please get in touch by calling our Project Manager Matthew Thompson.

Working together to support clubs through Covid-19

If your organisation is eligible and would free like assistance in your application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.