S&C Slatter proud to be longest serving FIH Certified Field Builder

22nd May 2020

Under the 2020 FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf, S&C Slatter has once again been certified as an FIH Certified Field Builder.

What is an FIH Certified Field Builder?

FIH Certified Field Builders must demonstrate proven ability to construct hockey fields to dependable industry standards worldwide, ensuring the appropriate quality for the intended level of play.

As the first contractor globally to be recognised as an FIH Certified Field Builder back in 2016, we’re proud to have retained our certification annually since then, proving our commitment to FIH’s aims and objectives in the global development of hockey.

To be certified under the programme, organisations must provide evidence of in-house expertise, experience and commitment to hockey. This includes, among other things, proof of in-house civil engineering expertise, environmental policies, ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation and comprehensive aftercare advice for clients.


Why use an FIH Certified Field Builder?

At the launch of the programme, Alastair Cox, FIH Facilities Manager stated that the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf is:

“a fantastic opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers, field builders and field owners to become part of an official quality-assurance programme. In doing so they can be confident that their field performs correctly, is safe, built to specification and maintains performance


Without the comfort of engaging with a certified field builder or certified turf supplier, you have no such guarantee.

The construction of a synthetic turf hockey pitch is a specialist trade, requiring expertise and experience to avoid risks associated with sub-standard pitch design and construction.

If unsuitable materials are used in the base construction of the pitch, drainage and surface levels could be compromised, leading to a surface that’s unsafe to play on, becoming waterlogged and slippery.

The same goes for the surface too. Using a low quality, cheap artificial turf that isn’t under the FIH Preferred Supplier or Certified Manufacturer programme could result in inconsistent performance and premature failure, which will be more costly overall to replace.

S&C Slatter FIH Certified Field Builder

About the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) launched the Quality Programme for Hockey Turf in 2015, as part of a 10-year strategy that aims to make hockey a global game that inspires the next generation.”

The programme introduced the levels of certification we know today (Global, National and Multi-sport) as well as Certified Manufacturers, Certified Field Builders and Preferred Suppliers.

We’re proud to be FIH Certified Field Builders and have delivered the highest number of pitches in the UK to be certified to FIH Global performance standards, including Reading Hockey Club and The University of Warwick.

Working closely with our exclusive artificial turf partners FieldTurf, who are FIH Preferred Suppliers, we’ve seen first-hand the great impact the FIH Quality Programme has had on the sport. We look forward to continuing to support the programme, delivering first-class hockey facilities in the UK for generations to come.


Hockey Players Deserve The Best

The FIH recommends that you appoint an FIH Certified Field Builder to design and build your new hockey field.

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