The Slatter Group is excited to announce the launch of Slatter Estates Surfaces

29th Mar 2023

S&C Slatter is excited to announce the launch of Slatter Estates Surfaces, a new division dedicated to providing high quality specialist external surfaces for both residential and commercial properties and estates within the Slatter Group.

The Slatter Group, comprising of S&C Slatter, White Horse Contractors and the newly created Slatter Estates Surfaces, has a combined experience over over 100 years and a long history of innovation and delivering high-performance surfaces for sport, leisure and environment. Slatter Estates Surfaces has been part of S&C Slatter since the company was founded, but operated as a small section within the wider business named ‘Surfacing & Civils’, working for S&C Slatter and White Horse Contractors offering surfacing solutions for their larger projects alongside their own scope of projects.

In the ever-evolving industry and expanding company, we are excited to announce that the current ‘Surfacing & Civils’ team, lead by Simon Bradbury, is becoming a stand-alone specialist brand, dedicated to surfacing solutions for car parks, estate roads, footpaths and driveways for clients across the country. With Simon Bradbury as ‘Head of Slatter Estates Surfaces’, John Fisher as Contracts Manager and a trusted team of supervisors and site operatives, we are looking forward to watching this team develop over the years, taking on exciting car park, estate road, footpath and driveway projects and transformations.

For the past 31 years, The Slatter Group and Slatter Estates Surfaces have invested considerably in creating a superb fleet of in-house construction and installation machinery to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry, and will continue to utilise the latest technology and advances in plant and machinery to install surfaces that are high performance, durable and easy to maintain for clients in independent schools, business parks, property developers, private estates, golf, leisure and equestrian sectors.

S&C Slatter’s experienced team of designers, contracts managers and site operatives have, and will continue to, offer an unrivalled scope of services, experienced knowledge base, trusted advice and resource to all projects, delivering gravel, paving, resin and macadam surfacing to a range of sectors. Slatter Estates Surfaces will continue to deliver specialist surfacing solutions for White Horse Contractors and S&C Slatter, but will pave their own way in the industry, positioning themselves as trusted, experienced surfacing contractor delivering high quality car parks, estate roads, driveways and footpaths for their clients.

We look forward to watching Slatter Estates Surfaces become the trusted industry leader in car park, road, driveway and footpath construction.

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