S&C Slatter commence works to construct a ‘supersize’ 3G Artificial Grass Pitch complex for the local community in Hampshire

7th Mar 2023

We are delighted to announce that S&C Slatter has been selected to deliver the construction of a ‘super-size’ and one full-size 3G Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) in Portsmouth.

The project will provide local communities with a much sought-after complex of high-quality football facilities totalling 17,500m2, bringing with it a wealth of benefits to the area. This project is part of our commitment to provide great value sports facilities for local communities, and we’re looking forward to transforming this site into an enjoyable place for football teams of all ages, helping them make the most of their training and match-day experience.

"Before" image of the community pitches in Portsmouth before S&C Slatter started works on one 'Supersize' and one Full-size AGP Football Pitch

We look forward to working closely with the team at Portsmouth City Council to deliver this much-anticipated facility for the local community.
This project is a fantastic opportunity for us to deliver a specially designed, ‘super-size’ 10,080m2 AGP (2,660m2bigger than a standard size football pitch) and one 7,420m2 full size AGP, showcasing our skills and expertise in delivering high-quality artificial grass pitches. The new complex will provide much-needed extra capacity for grassroots and elite teams in the city.

“We will be delivering an innovative and bespoke pitch marking solution specifically to provide for 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11-a-side games. The versatile and configurable pitch markings provide 23 layouts within the ‘supersize’ pitch and 13 within the full-size pitch, supporting all ages and abilities.”John Fisher, Contracts Manager

With the designated pitches laid-out for all ages, this means that more games can be played concurrently, clubs can increase their capacity and give the opportunity for more children to join football teams and take up competitive and recreational sport. This will allow for optimum use of the facility, higher user numbers and a larger revenue generation for the City Council.

Upon commencement, it will take our team approximately 26 weeks to construct the pitches, collaborating with LST Projects who are completing construction on a brand-new Pavilion on site, complete with changing facilities, bathrooms, and a clubroom. Our teams will work diligently to complete the works to high standards, on time and within budget.

Portsmouth is home to a large number of recreational facilities, including several football pitches, tennis courts and golf courses. However, there is currently no artificial grass pitch of this size in the city dedicated to supporting grassroots and elite football. Once complete, the new facility will provide much-needed additional capacity for local sports teams and clubs, as well as providing a surface that can be used year-round. The pitches will be built to the highest standards, using the latest artificial grass technology, and designed to be fully accessible, with easy access for disabled users.

S&C Slatter are proud to be creating more outstanding pitches for grassroots football and we are looking forward to this project coming to life and delivering a big impact for the local clubs and teams.

For more information call 01635 34521 or email enquiries@slattersportsconstruction.com