Celebrating 30 Years of S&C Slatter

12th May 2021

Today is a very exciting day for S&C Slatter – we’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Ensuring current guidelines were adhered to, we were thrilled to be able to present the Slatter family with a small gift to mark the occasion and celebrate the strong growth and sustained levels of customer delight achieved over the past 30 years.

Celebrations at Stephen’s Yard

Ben O’Connor, Managing Director, and Jason Douglass, Group Director, presented members of the Slatter family with a 30th anniversary gift on Wednesday 12th May at our offices in Enborne, home to the company since 1994 and named after our late co-founder, Stephen Slatter.

To overcome coronavirus restrictions and ensure employees working across the country could get involved in the celebrations, personal video messages were recorded and gifted to the family alongside a specially made 30th celebration cake.


Ben O’Connor, S&C Slatter Managing Director, commented:

“S&C Slatter’s legacy extends beyond just the thousands of fantastic sports facilities we have delivered in the last 30 years. The long-term employment, personal development and incomes the company has provided for families based both locally and nationally is a source of great pride. We’re honoured to have built a company with long-term sustainable growth and a team of brilliant individuals that thrives together, with a deep-rooted commitment to honesty and integrity.”

30 years of hard-won success

Founded in 1991 by Stephen and Caroline Slatter as a maintenance, cricket and play provider, S&C Slatter has evolved to become an industry leader in the design and construction of sports pitches, courts, athletics tracks and associated facilities. Operating on the founding values of quality and integrity, the company has earned an exceptional reputation for quality, value and first-class customer service, resulting in continued growth over the last 30 years.

Enjoying rapid expansion under the leadership of current CEO, David Slatter, we have a long list of achievements to be proud of, from becoming the world’s first International Hockey Federation (FIH) Certified Field Builder to delivering Europe’s first Major League Baseball field at the London Stadium.

You can see more of our achievements in our company timeline or by viewing our video below:

It’s not only about elite sport however, with a proud history of delivering first-class sports facilities at a local, regional and global level, putting the same level of care, workmanship and pride into every project, regardless of size. Perhaps the most recent example of this is the completion of a much-loved athletics track for Castle Primary School, while simultaneously commencing works on two world-class athletics tracks as part of the Alexander Stadium redevelopment.


Jason Douglass, Group Director, commented:

“In my 10+ years at the company, it’s been a pleasure to witness such enormous growth, thanks in no small part to the continued leadership and presence of the Slatter family. The shared vision, intelligence, direction and integrity in which the business and employees operate reflects our heritage, advancement and the core family values upon which S&C Slatter was founded.”

Maintaining the family ethos

An important part of S&C Slatter’s success has been maintaining the family values Stephen and Caroline founded the company upon. David’s two brothers Philip and Mark Slatter also work with the company – Philip heading up the Cricket,Play & Maintenance divisions and Mark working with White Horse Contractors, acquired by the company in 2019.

With over 100 employees, staff retention has remained high, with many employees having worked at the company for over 20 years – a testament to the wider family feel that has been retained despite substantial growth.

With exciting new partnerships recently announced in the athletics, finance and hybrid turf sectors plus major projects in the works, S&C Slatter is showing no sign of slowing down, with the next 30 years looking just as bright as the last.

30 Years of Sporting Excellence

S&C Slatter have evolved to become a leading one-stop shop for sports facility design, planning, finance, construction and maintenance.

We’re committed to providing first-class sports facilities and associated infrastructure for top performance, maximum use and longevity.

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